IKON Construction - Management

Construction Management

Our consultative construction management approach tackles project management from every angle.

When you hire us as your at-risk general contractor, we strive from start to finish to make the most of your investment by minding the details every step of the way.

When you engage us in a fiduciary role as your owner/ agent representative, we’ll become a partner in representing your financial, programmatic, scheduling and quality objectives at every stage, to every single person involved.

Whether we’re managing your project or representing your interests, we’ll start with thorough pre-construction consulting, advising you and your team on cost, logistics, and technical viability. We’ll work on your behalf to ensure competitive procurement within your budget. And once the project is under construction, our on-site operations team will actively monitor, manage and coordinate the progress of work, with regular reporting to keep cost, schedule, safety and quality on track.

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